Disability Studies Fall School (September 19-20-21, 2019)

Disability Studies Fall School

September 19-20-21, 2019, Istanbul

The Disability Studies Fall School is a 3-day training program which is organized by Bogazici University Social Policy Forum and Research Worldwide Istanbul, for the students who have been conducting and willing to conduct disability studies research at postgraduate level.

The fall school aims to give new perspectives and approaches from different disciplines to disability studies including law, educational sciences, social policy, political science, sociology, architecture, medicine and psychology. The training program will address issues such as theories and models of disability, approaches to disability studies regarding different disciplines, integration of disability-rights approach to research methodology, disability and gender and ethical issues in the disability studies with the contribution of faculty members who are coming from different disciplines. The last day, participants will present their research proposals and will get a feedback from both the teaching staff and other participants.

The fall school is free of charge. Students are obliged to participate in the training program for three days. Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the Research Worldwide Istanbul. It will be shown a maximum effort to provide the accessibility support for students with disabilities who are qualified for the program. The training program is based on the human-rights approach to disability. Therefore, research proposals should not include any discriminative language, approach and method which contradicts with a human rights-based approach.

Teaching staff:

  • Beyza Ünal (Association of Women with Disabilities, Clinical Psychology)
  • Dikmen Bezmez (Koc University, Sociology)
  • Engin Yılmaz (Assistive Technology and Education Laboratory for Individuals with Visual Disabilities – GETEM)
  • Göksenin İnalhan (Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture)
  • Hande Sart (Bogazici University, Educational Sciences)
  • İdil Işıl Gül (Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Law)
  • Resa Aydın (Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Volkan Yılmaz (Bogazici University, Social Policy)


The students who are disposed to conduct empirical disability studies research are encouraged to apply. The candidates who are enrolled in a Master’s or PhD programme should complete the online application form no later than July 31, 2019. The candidates are required to write an abstract for their research on disability (max. 600 words) and attach the document to the application form.

Online application form: https://tr.surveymonkey.com/r/QX9T5X3

Application deadline: July 31, 2019

Announcement of the participants: August 19, 2019


This event is supported by Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Lund University.